Women’s Rights

Does a gender gap  truly exist?  What does that mean you may ask.  Gender Gap is the term describing the gap between how men and women are paid. Women are not paid equally for doing the same job as their male counterpart.  According to the National Partnership for Women and Families,  white women are paid .79 cents for every dollar paid to white non Hispanic men and it’s even worse for women of color.  Black women are paid .63 cents for every dollar and Latina women are paid .54 cents.  How could this be, you may ask.    More women need to be vocal with issues concerning women’s rights.  Why allow a man to make decisions concerning your rights?  Your rights to equal pay.  Your reproductive rights.  Your right to say no.  As more women enter the political field, we may soon see the change that’s truly needed.    Where all women are equally paid while doing the same job as their male counterparts.  Where all women have control over decisions of when to start a family.   Where it is understood that no really means no.


Women's rights and equality

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